More Than a Bookkeeper

 So you’re in the market for a bookkeeper?  That’s great news that probably leaves you with more questions than answers.  Questions such as:   

  1. Where do I find good candidates? 
  2. How much am I going to have to pay for this person? 
  3. I know a bookkeeper can keep my books but what else can they do for me? Can they understand my vision and help me set a course to achieve that vision? 
  4. I don’t know anything about bookkeeping. How am I supposed to know that the person in front of me knows what I need them to know?    

The answers to those questions are: 

  1. Great candidates are found in many places these days.  Unfortunately so are terrible ones. Ads on the internet may be free but the quality of applicant is unreliable. This will leave you reviewing dozens of resumes hoping to find a good one. 
  2. This question has a much more definite answer.  A good bookkeeper is going to cost $35,000 to $40,000 plus taxes and benefits. By the way, so will a bad one. 
  3. This question also has a definite answer. A good bookkeeper is well versed in keeping books, but even the best of them will not make a meaningful contribution to the strategic efforts of your business. They simply do not have the experience necessary to help you define your vision, never mind the ability to help you set a course to achieve that vision. 
  4. Simply put you don’t. Whenever you hire anyone into your company there is an element of risk that the person you’re hiring isn’t going to be able to do the job.     

So, what option do you have?  Rather than hire a single person and hope that you get it right, hire an entire company and KNOW you’ve nailed it.  The Beasley Group provides a full finance and admin department to their clients. For less than the cost of a bookkeeper we can provide for you: 

  • Bookkeeping 
  • Custom financial reporting and analysis 
  • Budgeting and Planning 
  • Vision setting and Achievement   

Together we will position your business to succeed like it never has before.  We will simultaneously develop an understanding of your business as it exists today in addition to defining your vision for the future. Then we will develop a plan to achieve that vision.   
In addition to all of that we will help you manage areas such as banking, insurance, benefits and IT.  What you are getting is truly a full department.   If that level of expertise is what you need to manage your business then call us today.