Services We Offer

Basic Bookkeeping – Has your business grown to the point where you can no longer keep your own books? If so, that’s great! There are a lot of businesses that simply need someone to keep score for them. What separates The Beasley Group from the rest is predictable, flat rate pricing and timely, automatic financial reports that help to reinforce your belief that your efforts are being rewarded. This service typically entails one to two meetings per year to review financial reports before they are turned over to your CPA for taxes. 


Fractional Controller – Fancy term but what does it mean? A Controller is the person in a business that is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the finance team as well as the production of timely, accurate financial reporting. Companies start to benefit from hiring a full time Controller as they approach $10 million in revenue. However, companies as small $500 thousand start to feel like they are missing out on vital information about the business. That’s where a Fractional Controller comes in. You pay for the time you use to get that information as well as the expertise of a seasoned professional who can help you figure out what it means and what to do with it. This service typically entails one meeting per month to review financials and to discuss the business in depth. 

Business Financial Advisor – Do you have your bookkeeping under control but want a part time resource to guide your team through the financial aspects of running the business. This specialized service will be onsite as needed to work with you and your team to develop the financial side of your vision. We will assist your bookkeeping staff as needed with complex issues they need help with but this is a strategic service built around forecast models, advanced analytical tools, Key Performance Indictors, etc. 

Special Projects – Interested in moving to the cloud but not sure what the benefits are? Have a cloud based Point-of-Sale and want it to “talk to” your accounting software but don’t know how to make that happen? Today’s cloud based technology presents some fantastic opportunities to streamline your company but getting it set up correctly can be tricky. The Beasley Group possesses the expertise to connect the various tools in your toolbox to make your team more efficient than it has ever been. 

We're Here to Help

Whether it's bookkeeping, Controller level reporting and analysis or a strategic partner to help you achieve your vision The Beasley Group can help.