Who We Are


 With nearly 20 years of business experience in companies of varying sizes Jason has come to realize that he had a tremendous passion for small business.  


 Jason's experience in a variety of industries makes him uniquely capable of working with businesses from a variety of fields such as manufacturing, distribution, construction, retail, real estate, and computer software. Many small business owners are active in multiple areas so working with a professional capable of contributing experience in all of their endeavors is difficult. Jason is just that professional.  

Family Owned and Operated

The Beasley Group is owned and operated by Jason Beasley and his wife, Lynette.  

What We Do

We Provide Confidence

With The Beasley Group you will operate with the confidence that comes from knowing that every decision has been well thought out and understood. You will be free to focus on the most important factor every business owner faces, growth. We work with you and your team to make sure the rest is taken care of. We will: 

  • Maintain financial records in accordance with GAAP 
  • Provide consistent, clear and relevant financial reporting and analysis 
  • Manage the strategic planning process to insure that your team not only understands your goals but knows what they need to do to accomplish those goals 
  • Develop and maintain an annual budget designed to identify key decision points months before they would otherwise present themselves 
  • Cash Management through forecasting, receivables and disbursements management Identify and track key performance metrics 
  • Maintain electronic records, insuring 100% data security with no risk of data loss 
  • Assist in the evaluation of decisions related to areas such as information technology, insurance and banking   

Who We Do It For

Is The Beasley Group What Your Business Needs?

  • Is your business growing? 
  • Do you find yourself second guessing every decision?
  • When you grow your team does it take longer to decide to hire them than it does to actually hire them? 
  • Do you find yourself setting goals for your team, only to later make excuses for why they’ve missed the mark yet again? 
  • Do you close one eye when your bookkeeper gives you an Income Statement, afraid to find out that what you thought was a good month was wrecked by an unexpected expense?   

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then we can help! We work with business owners just like you. We manage the entire financial process for them. And through the process our clients find themselves with a level of confidence that they have never had before. Execution is faster simply because critical decisions are thought out long before the decision point is reached. Rather than spending your time wondering if you should hire someone and whether or not you can afford that person, you will spend your time finding the best person for the job, a process we will help with, too. Our clients are able to focus on growing their business, confident that the details behind the scenes are well cared for, confident that there is a plan and confident that if they stick to the plan they will succeed.  We provide timely, accurate and highly customized financial statements that will teach you something about your business. 

We provide in depth written analysis of those financials, information you can return to when you’re unsure. Most importantly we help you define what you want your business to be. Knowing where you are today is important, but having a clear understanding of where you want to be tomorrow is far more important. Knowing how you’re going to get from here to there is the most important of all. We will work with you to define your vision and to develop a plan to get you there. Once you have identified your vision and a plan to achieve that vision success is far more predictable. Equally important you will know much sooner when things aren’t going well because there will be a plan to compare to.  

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